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The mirror-selfie & the end of civilization

Meet Lazar Angelov.

He’s Facebook’s premier Bulgarian fitness model/personal trainer.  I’ve never met him, but he does train at the same gym I sometimes frequent when I’m in Sofia.

In *Fakebook* terms, his following is HUGE.

His marketing basically consists of posting wax ‘n tan shirtless pics of himself in various not-so-creative locales.   This daily *ab-check* garners hundreds of thousands of likes, and thousands of comments.

(Isn’t that one of the signs of the apocalypse?)

Besides foreshadowing our impending doom as a species, it’s a pretty good racket.

He’s got a great physique and a photogenic look – he’s a real prize poodle — and that’s all it took for him to build a fan base which he can besiege with his online programs.

So one day I thought, “I can do that,” and decided I’d try my own ab-domination routine.

‘Twas a mere two mirror-selfies later that I elected to scrap the idea.


It just ain’t me.

The Conz don’t play that.

Heck, I never even wear tank-tops in public.

So instead I recommitted to doing it like Sinatra, my way, by flexing my fingers against the keyboard of my laptop.  And aren’t you glad I do…

(No one really wants to see gym change room selfies anyway – unless you’re 1. a Jersey Shore reject, 2. a major creeper, or 3. Mark Zuckerberg…see #2).

Not hashing Lazar’s gig.  It works for him.  And the audience he appeals to would rather watch his body talk than read his emails – which I can vouch for…I’ve read his emails.

The point is there’s a lot to be said for authenticity in advertising.

Most of the clients I serve are not looking to do anything Lazar-like with their bodies.  They’re interested in health, feeling strong, and minimizing injuries.  Sure they want to improve how they look, but lifting their t-shirts to reveal a chiseled six-pack isn’t high on their list of priorities.

Yet many trainers are still trying to subject their clients to the standard hyper-strict pre-contest diet and high-flying workouts that Lazar groupies may want, but make absolutely no freakin’ sense for an executive mother of two, who’s caring for an ailing parent, and has a history of back issues!

Meet the client where they are now.

It’s at this crossroads that life-changing benefits are possible.

For time-saving strategies to help you burn fat, fit your clothes better, and boost your energy, without unrealistic diet and workout regimens, call me at (416) 826-4844 or reply to this email for your complimentary personal training consultation.

I only have one rule…

No mirror-selfies allowed.

Happy Transforming,

Conor Kelly

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