Why is The Conz preparing to take candy from the mouths of babes?

I’m about to relaunch my YouTube Channel, and I’ve made an important discovery.

It all started when I brought home a new tripod for my camera.

My daughter wanted to understand what it’s for.  I explained to her that as part of Daddy’s work, I make videos where I tell stories.  Of course, the second she heard that, she wanted in.

So we took a few vids for fun.

In one, she’s sitting on my lap, and as the camera starts rolling I ask “what do you think we can do for the people watching?”  To which she answers: “we can sing a song!”  From there it deteriorates into about two minutes of cuteness the likes of which would inspire more “awww’s” than a video reel of frolicking puppies.

As I watched, I realized, dammit – not only is she cuter than me but I have maybe one tenth of her personality and charisma.

And THAT’s my competition on YouTube.

What’s little ol’ me gonna say that’s captivating enough to steer views away from viral videos of uber lovable babies and kids (not to mention pets).

Not sure yet.

But I’ll figure it out.

Then I’ll crush the little bastards.

And hopefully the result for you will be both entertaining and enlightening, as I intend it to be.

For now, mosey on over to YouTube, if’n it’s to yer likin’, and subscribe to my channel:

=>Click here to visit Conor’s YouTube Channel.

Let me know how I’m doing in my noble mission to steal the spotlight from innocent youngsters.

Happy YouTubing,

Conor Kelly

Yet another unexpected benefit of exercise

It’s said that Edison, when he needed an answer to a question, would take a nap.

By the time he woke up, he’d usually have it.

You see, he understood that by NOT focusing on a problem, you find creative solutions.

Whether suspending conscious judgment rouses the subconscious, which then serves up previously unnoticed connections, or the ideas come from the ethers, God, or the Universe…no matter what you believe, many of the world’s greatest thinkers have used a similar tack through the ages.

So here’s another suggestion…

Go workout.

That’s where I get most of my best ideas.

(Including the one for this email.)

If you do anything creative, ever, or you’re simply uncertain about how to handle a personal issue, take off the ol’ thinking cap and instead hit the gym (or the yoga mat, or the living room floor).

Get a pushup infusion.

Uno, the act of devoting your attention to something different frees your mind to send forth some of its best inventions.  Dos, a wee bit of sport provides the oxygen your brain needs for optimal function.  Tres, research shows exercise stimulates the production of neuronal growth factor BDNF, which plays a crucial role in the re-shaping of synapses.

There you have it…

Staying in tune with your breath, flexing your muscles, and getting your body into movement all have the potential to be the fiery spark that ignites fresh thinking.

It’s not like you needed any more reasons to exercise…

Just thought I’d lay down a trail of bread crumbs for you intellectual types.

To get ye olde ball rolling with such creativity enhancements, call (416) 826-4844 to request your personal training consultation.

Your Mona Lisa…your Statue of David…your War and Peace is in there.

Let’s beat it out of you with squats and dumbbell presses.

Happy Creating,

Conor Kelly