Speaking Topics

LEAN FOR LIFE: How To Take Back Control of Your Health, Once & For All

This exciting 90-minute workshop will open your mind and your heart to new opportunities for enjoying lifelong fitness and health — through entertaining anecdotes, and powerful breakthroughs from a 20-yr veteran personal trainer with hundreds of client success stories.

Here is a sample of topics covered:

  • Beating The Odds: Why research shows most people fail to lose weight and keep it off, and what you can do to avoid the same fate.
  • The #1 biggest mistake most people make with their fitness and nutrition.
  • How to use Conor’s concept of “predictive ease” to tap into unlimited confidence and motivation.
  • Why it feels like your body is beyond your control, and what you can do to “take the power back”!
  • The ‘trick’ to orchestrating your fitness ‘breakthrough’


About the instructor: Recently called “The most influential, in-demand, and accomplished fitness and nutrition coach in Toronto” by Fitness Expert Network, Conor Kelly “The CEO Trainer” is a Personal Trainer with over 18 years experience. Having been featured as a fitness expert in Viva Magazine, and The Globe and Mail, he’s also appeared on television programs such as Rich Bride, Poor Bride, and CTV’s Canada AM.



How To Turn Back The Clock On Your Metabolism & Enjoy Your Most Energetic, Healthiest, and Best Body In Your 40’s & Beyond!

Here’s a sample of topics covered:

  • Why 99% of a declining metabolism after 40 is within your control – and what you can do to reverse it
  • Why most medical conditions – and the need for prescription medication – can be eliminated entirely with a few simple changes
  • How to obliterate any weight loss plateau, and easily experience faster results
  • How to look ten years younger by balancing your body’s hormones…and boosting hormones that decline as we get older
  • The key internal organ that keeps your body burning lots of calories…and how to restore it, so you can transform your body at any age
  • The #1 biggest threat to your health – and how to protect yourself


CLOSING THE DEAL: Sales Secrets From A Top Fitness Industry Producer

Here’s what you’ll discover…

  • The #1 ingredient in successful selling – and why most personal trainers get this wrong.
  • A crucial step most trainers miss that makes stratospheric closing percentages (90%-100%) not only possible, but likely
  • The best way to add $$$ to your bottom line and stability to your income by closing big packages of training sessions, and how you can get your prospect excited to sign up for the year or longer
  • The ‘trick’ to putting together an effective close, and overcoming any of your prospect’s objections (HINT: it’s not a trick at all…and it’s something you do instinctively anyway)
  • Mastering the intro session: how to engage your prospect, raise their belief, and make them willing and eager to buy from you.
  • How to get your prospect to tell you EXACTLY – in their own words – how to sell them (this is completely ethical and, in fact, the basis of true professionalism)
  • And much more…


THE ART OF KILLING GIANTS: A Former Strongman’s Guide To Doing The “Impossible” & Overcoming Life’s Biggest Challenges

Join the movement to create an army of Giant Killers capable of taking on any ill and transforming the planet!  Through a combination of playful anecdotes, inspiring strength stories, and visual examples, Conor traces his career as a strongman and the powerful lessons that changed his life.  He boils these down to 4 key principles for taking on the big challenges and winning!

At the talk, here’s what you’ll discover:

  • Why the best weapon to bring against any giant is the one you leave at home
  • 4 realities of human psychology that destroy our worst or least helpful behaviours
  • How to clear the slate and divest yourself of mental clutter
  • The one talent you currently possess which you MUST summon to your aid in order to prevail
  • Conor’s concept of “predictive ease” and how to use it to expand your power
  • The #1 most powerful mediator to change, and how to wield it to control almost any outcome
  • Why being strong-willed matters less than being well organized


HEALTHY TEAM: The Art & Science of Gaining Maximum Participation in Your Corporate Wellness Initiatives

The game’s changed.  Companies can no longer afford take a back seat when it comes to the health and wellbeing of their teams.  In a modern economy characterized by incremental growth and crowded marketplaces, businesses are only as effective as their leadership.  It’s people that keep the vision, steer the ship, and ultimately define the customer experience.  Therefore, the health of any organization is only as good as the health of its people.

In this visionary talk, Conor will share the methods that he has used to excite his private clients about their health programs, so they could transform their lives.  He’ll explain why the principles of engaging a group are the same as for an individual, and how you can leverage the latest understanding to gain more health for your team!

Here’s a sample of topics covered:

  • Why human perception in the 21st century has changed – and why unless you follow the NEW rules of motivation you can’t hope to engage people
  • An ancient method of communication that has its roots in neuroscience and can leverage brain power to induce action
  • An underused technique for making your team hungry for more of what you have to offer
  • The basic language you must speak in order to incite and inspire your staff members to powerful action
  • The human behavior index your leadership must master to get the most out of all layers of your organization
  • 4 rules for structuring your initiatives, which, when implemented, will multiply the effectiveness of your communication


Conor Kelly is a health expert and transformation specialist who currently offers exciting keynotes, and interactive lunch and learns.  To learn more please contact info@conorkelly.com or call (416) 826-4844.