Email Copywriting

Who Else Wants To Triple Their Sales Using The Single Most Profitable Medium On The Web?


Dear Busy Entrepreneur,

Many business owners are sitting on a gold mine, and don’t even know it.

What is that gold mine?

Their customer list.

Even small “bricks and mortar” businesses like spas, training studios, hair salons, and chiros (and many others) sometimes have lists of 5K-10K emails that they seldom or never communicate with.

Take note…

Everything’s moving online.

Heck, people are even ordering groceries from Amazon now.

And online…

Email is KING.

No other medium on the world wide web is putting more sales into spreadsheets than email.

ANY business owner that’s not regularly in their customers inbox is leaving A LOT of money on the table.

Email’s been my go-to since 2007.

(In fact, I have readers who have been with me since then, and still read my emails, which is pretty amazing to me.)

I see no reason why any local business with a list size like the above couldn’t add AT LEAST 100K, probably more to their bottom line THIS YEAR, with email done right.  That’s pure profit.  For an online-based business with a good product/service mix, or a speaker/author with back end coaching programs, a sound email marketing strategy can be worth MILLIONS over a the course of a year.

All that’s to say, my expertise, and my penmanship are for hire.

I’m an 12-year direct-response marketing vet and freelance copywriter specializing in email campaigns and sales letters. Recent successes include:

– Generating 14K additional revenue in the first month for a health clinic
– Doubling online conversions of women’s fitness bootcamp
– Adding 100K annual revenue to a personal training studio without paying for ads

More importantly I’ve got a system that can drive a MASSIVE INCREASE IN PROFITS, almost immediately, for any business owner with a reasonably sized list.

So here’s the deal-e-o…

If you’re interested in chatting about having me write emails for your biz, please schedule a time here:

I’ll ask you exactly six questions, and based on your answers I’ll be able to tell you, in about 15 minutes, if I can help you or not.  I only want businesses that I know will get a 10x return, or more, on my fee.  Fair?

Now here’s the catch:

I can’t take more than 4-6 clients at any given time.

(There are only so many emails and sales letters I can write.  What do you want?  Geez, I’m not a machine.)

Once those spots are gone, they’re gone.

So if I’ve piqued your interest, ACT NOW!

Me = chomping at the bit.

Ready to help you mine those acres of diamonds just sitting in your back yard.

Hit the link to schedule your “no fuss” Free Brainstorm Call:

Happy Profiting,

Conor Kelly