I’ve used copywriters in the past but was never happy with the results.  It felt like I was overcharged for something that looked like a swipe job or a fill-in-the-blanks template.  Also, it always took longer than I thought it should.  With Conor, it’s been the complete opposite.  His fees are fair, the work is done quickly and it’s very high-quality.  Plus, he asks the right questions so I know he’s doing his research!  Highly recommend.

Matt Morse, Best-Selling Author & Business Coach, www.Matt-Morse.com


“I am INCREDIBLY impressed with your content…it’s in MY voice, and ACCURATE!!!”

— Stephen Bach, The Digital Docs, thedigitaldocs.com


“I’ve been working with Conor on the sales page for my membership site and he’s been outstanding. I’ve probably learned more from working with him on this project than in all the other marketing resources I’ve studied over the years. (Yeah, he’s that good.) Which is why I recommend you to get on a call with him sooner rather than later!”

John “Coach Bru” Brubaker, Best-Selling Author & Keynote Speaker


“I gave Conor a tough assignment to help kickstart both my business and personal email campaigns. I was stuck and I needed professional help. He hit a home run with both assignments. He took the time and learned as much as he could about my businesses. His focused messaging with punchy copy was exactly what I needed to bring my engagement levels to record highs. I would strongly recommend Conor!”

Jon S. Rennie, Business Leader, Author, & Speaker


“I absolutely love reading your emails…….well written, creative, witty, informative, attention holding and overall a good read on this dreary Sunday afternoon.”

Debbie Augustt-Moffatt


“Conor hooked me on an opportunity to truly reach my existing patients and the rest of my decent sized list with more impactful, inspiring, and call-to-action language and content via e-mail.  It’s been almost 5 months, and the partnership is only growing. Conor is both responsive to our need for communication, eloquent with his language and leadership, and the impact it’s had has only increased week by week. The value is great, as is the rapport.  Thanks Conor!”

Dr Josh Gelber, Annex Family Chiropractic


“With just a few short questions Conor was able to come up with a marketing plan that’s perfectly customized to my goals and my strengths.  He’s very knowledgeable, and has great instincts!”

Amirali Rahnamoon, Osteopath at IN and OUT Fitness


“Wow! Amazing job! You certainly know how to engage an audience and get people excited! From the moment I got back to work, my email has been blowing up with people saying thank you and how informative the seminar was!”

Lin Bethke, Ministry of The Attorney General


“Conor Kelly is a true professional who not only knows ‘his stuff’ but, is also able to present information and motivate people in a truly unique way.”

Heather Callendar, Center for Mental Health and Addiction


“An excellent talk by an excellent speaker.  We get great feedback every time.”

Jim Empey, The Whole Foods Market, Yorkville


“We’ve had Conor present for us many times and there is always a lot of interest for his talks.  He is an engaging presenter, who speaks with passion, and is very knowledgeable about his topic.  He gives a lot of concrete examples that attendees can immediately use.  Also, the way he weaves in stories of his own past struggles is very motivating!   I recommend Conor for a fun, inspiring session on health.”

Teresa Scannell, Organizational Development And Learning Centre, University of Toronto


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