“Wow! Amazing job! You certainly know how to engage an audience and get people excited! From the moment I got back to work, my email has been blowing up with people saying thank you and how informative the seminar was!”

Lin Bethke, Ministry of The Attorney General


“Conor Kelly is a true professional who not only knows ‘his stuff’ but, is also able to present information and motivate people in a truly unique way.”

Heather Callendar, Center for Mental Health and Addiction


“An excellent talk by an excellent speaker.  We get great feedback every time.”

Jim Empey, The Whole Foods Market, Yorkville


“We’ve had Conor present for us many times and there is always a lot of interest for his talks.  He is an engaging presenter, who speaks with passion, and is very knowledgeable about his topic.  He gives a lot of concrete examples that attendees can immediately use.  Also, the way he weaves in stories of his own past struggles is very motivating!   I recommend Conor for a fun, inspiring session on health.”

Teresa Scannell, Organizational Development And Learning Centre, University of Toronto


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