Barnyard noises that make you 30% stronger

When I was at Western, some buddies and me founded a varsity powerlifting team.

We were an unruly bunch.

Officially UWO Varsity Powerlifting, we went around calling ourselves the “Beefalo Stampede”.

Our many hijinks included:

*Drawing a chalk circle on the floor where we were doing deadlifts, and writing in it the words CIRCLE OF RAGE – a fact we took great care in pointing out to everyone who walked by… “Careful, bro…circle of rage here.”

*Composing rap lyrics about how strong we were (including an epic one called Rage of the Colossi…rage was a theme back then…)

*Slapping each other on the back when psyching up for a big lift, as well as inhaling smelling salts (perfectly legal and commonplace in competitions, but intense-looking to the casual observer)

*My co-founder created comic strips featuring our super hero alter egos The Giant Killer and The Beast (in which we were great conquerors whose mission it was to bring glory to a blood-thirsty Goddess known as The Iron Lady)


Sure is something, ain’t it?

One time, someone wrote a ‘letter to the editor’ of the school newspaper, which didn’t use our names, but was clearly about us.  It was a complaint list about the varsity gym, and the sender made mention of a group of lifters he called “the grunters”.  He identified our “barnyard noises” as one of the reasons a novice could feel intimidated.

He had us pegged for dumb brutes.

Boy was he disappointed.

We published a thoughtful, and painstakingly researched retort citing the use of grunting in professional sports (think Tennis), how Karate black belts call this controlled use of breath kihap (think ‘hiiiiiya!’), and how studies show grunting or shouting while lifting can increase your strength by an average of 30%.

All true, by the way.

What do such musings contribute to your life?

Well, for starters, if you want to be fit, you can’t be too worried about what other people think.

A lot of people shy away from lifting weights, even though it’s the best way to burn fat, build strength, and protect yourself from injury – for that reason.

The real problem is lack of knowledge.

I’ve found that clients overcome their fear when they gain a bit more confidence in the how-to’s of working out.

That’s where Yours Grunty can help.

Call (416) 826-4844 for your personal training consultation to learn more.

No moos, oinks, or baaas will be required in the making of your new body.


Happy Lifting,

Conor Kelly

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