The REAL reason retail is dying (don’t let this happen to you)

I’d like to share something personal…

I shop at Banana Republic.

(I know, time for a wardrobe upgrade.)

To me, they’ve always been a solid, middle-of-the-road choice where you can get decent quality clothes at none too expensive prices.

On my most recent visit, a couple of things upset thy apple cart of mine attire.

One, they keep changing things around.

I can’t find anything, anymore.

Too much turmoil for this spoon-fed Gen-X’er.

Two, they charged me about 50% more for an item I buy all the time.  I said, “can’t you do something for me?  I usually buy it at ‘x’ price.  There’s promotions on it all the time.”

Alas, no.

Right then and there, I made the decision never to go back.

You see, here’s the real problem with retail: they’re dinosaurs…and the meteor has already hit.  It’s called the information age.  Under pressure from online sellers that are built on internet marketing (which box stores don’t do quite as profitably) they’ve been forced to cut costs to try to compete.  Even the quality of their materials is less these days, I’ve noticed.

The Muscle don’t play that.

I refuse to pay more for a lesser product.

What’s this have to do with your practice?

Everything’s moving online these days.

Heck, people are even ordering groceries from Amazon now.

Anyone who doesn’t have a profitable digital marketing strategy, like now, will soon be helplessly unable to compete with up and comers in their niche who do this competently.

Maybe you’re already feeling the squeeze.

Lots of “mature” professionals are.

They just don’t ‘get’ the whole online thing.

The great news is, y’all don’t need to.

Just get The Muscle in your corner.

Then sit back, have a coke and a smile (well don’t have the coke, it’s really unhealthy for you — personal trainer talking here) and watch your profit margins get fat instead.

Done-for-you emails that get your phone ringing with high-quality new leads and sales in the next 48 hours = thing of beauty.

Keep the Grim Reaper of retail away here:

Don’t be like my jeans.

Stay just the way you are: AWESOME.

Happy Surviving,

Conor Kelly

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