Would a client-generating machine help your business?

I feel I can share this with you…

I’m not always the most organized cat.

But I can recall a few occasions when I had the whole machine of my fit biz operating at near perfect efficiency.

My trainers had checklists for managing client programs, and reviewed them with their supervisor each week.  My admin had a handle on operations.  My CFO was ‘Count Du Money’.  My salesperson was crushing it.  And my marketing hummed like a finely tuned engine.

I could figuratively not do much more than enter the cockpit, tweak a few dials, and leave.  I remember coming to the office one day and realizing there was literally NOTHING for me to do.  So I went for a walk instead.

Of course, this wasn’t always the case.

(I can count on one hand the # of entrepreneurs I’ve met who’s whole existence is characterized by the utopia I tell of above.  They do exist though.  Bastards.)

Parts break down.

Employees leave.

Systems lapse.

But damn.

For a while there…

Life was goooooood.

That’s why I’m all about SYSTEMS these days.

Seldom will your business run 100% smoothly.

But for starters, what if you could systematize your client-acquisition process?

How much would be it be worth to you to know that new clients and prospects are finding you each and every week, on auto-pilot?

That the pipeline’s full of high-quality leads?

Think of the sheer peace of mind.

THAT’S what Google Adwords is…

It’s a client-generating machine.

A salesperson that’s fully automated and never sleeps.

Want one of those?

You betcha.

If you build it, they (clients) will come:


Sleep well my friend,

Conor Kelly
A.k.a. The Muscle

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