What the NBA Finals prove about marketing

We can say it now.

Toronto Raptors, NBA Champions.

Yes, Toronto is where The Muscle’s secret lair is to be found.  And yes, this victory pleases me [rubs hands together in a sinister way].  And no, despite the utter bedlam outside my balcony until the wee hours this morning, this will not be about our homegrown (and inspirational) Dinos.

This is about something that concerns you.

Something of BIG significance to ANY business.

Here it be:

Tickets for last night’s Game 6 started at $935.  That’s a cool g-note to sit in the bleachers.  And if you wanted to sit courtside to witness the Raps historic win?  $16K.  And let me ask you…if you were watching…did you notice any empty seats in that arena?

Here’s the point:


It’s not even funny.

It undulates like a huge flowing ocean of yachts, sports cars and Prada bags.

And if you’re not getting as much of it as you’d like…

You’re only limited by your imagination.

One of the best business books The Muscle ever done read is Dan Kennedy’s No B.S. Marketing to the Affluent. In it, he describes how savvy business people are extracting exorbitant sums of cash from the market, eee gee:

  • Sam’s Club, which sells a $48,000 wine tasting trip to New Zealand – online
  • He describes staying at Disney hotel for $1,800 a night – and notes only two suites were left
  • Dean & DeLuca which offers a three-pound Candy Cane Christmas Cake – $135
  • Love your doggy? Why not pick up a leather dog bed from PostModernPets.com for $1,450

These are just a few of literally dozens of examples in the book (and they get crazier).  Few things will do more for your abundance mindset than to read it (and its companion No B.S Wealth Attraction for Entrepreneurs).  I’ve read both several times.

Here it is:

Instead of trying to figure out how you can afford to charge less, brainstorm how you can charge MORE, and simply add value.  Money flows toward good offers.

That’s where I come in.

You already do great things for your customers.

My job as a copywriter is to tell that story so we build so much value in your product or service that it becomes a “no-brainer” for folks to do business with you…and to buy MORE, and buy MORE OFTEN.

I’m using more emphasis than usual.

That’s how you can tell I’m passionate about this.

If you’d like to sell a whole lot more of something, more often, or sell it at a higher price, then let’s hop on a no-hassle Free Brainstorm Call to find out if we’re a fit.  You could be a mere sales letter, email campaign, or website critique away from funneling a few swimming pools worth of that money ocean in your direction.

Pay for your New Zealand wine-tasting trip here:


Just book it today as I’m taking projects several weeks out already, and my schedule quickly fills up.

And check it: there is no scarcity.  Especially not when you put the right offer…in front of the right people…using the right words.

Believe in abundance, and abundance shows up.

Happy Wealth-Attracting,

Conor “Louis Vuitton” Kelly

a.ka. The Muscle @ Marketing Muscle

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